Sport Flip Flops DIY

Baseball Flip Flops

Love baseball?  I was surprised at how easily it was to make a flower out of a ball and attach to some flip flops. They turned out great! I’m thinking other sports can easily be done, softball or maybe even soccer next?

You can buy sport flip flops on Etsy and certainly lots of pins on Pinterest, but here’s what worked for me.

What you need:

If you prefer to learn via a video, KidPrep_DIY Crafts has a great one up on YouTube.

1. Cutting the leather in quarters off the baseball was surprisingly easy.  Do go deeper than you think (easier to peel off) and being perfectly in quarters isn’t necessary.

Baseball FlipFlops

2.  Peel off the leather and if there is any strings from the inside, they should peel off too.

3.  Fold each quarter in half, cut with scissors.  Use each half to then cut into a petal shape.  You will end up with more petals than you need, but then you can choose the best ones.

Baseball Flip Flops

4. I then put a little superglue on the ends of the strings.  Made me feel better they weren’t going to unravel.

5.  Glue 5 petals together to form a flower.

Baseball Flip Flops

6.  Any button will do.  I just found a blingy-type.  Glue that to the center.  Ta da.  Now you have a baseball flower.

7.  I glued and stitched the flower to the flip flop.  Again, just me making myself feel like it was more secure.  Using red thread, I just followed the stitches that were already there.

Baseball Flip Flops

My hints/tips:

  • I tried about 3 types of glue.  A combo of strong adhesive and super glue worked for me
  • Be patient with each step.  They will look better in the end.  I might have relearned this lesson a couple of times.
  • Watch where you put the flower on the flip flop straps.  I almost put too far down towards the connection by the toes.


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