Soccer Painted Jar

Looking for a cute way to incorporate soccer season into your home decor? Make a soccer painted jar! Glass jar + paint + a little time = a decorative vase to use for years.

Painted Jar Supplies

Painted Jar supplies

The steps are pretty much exactly what you think. Clean the glass well and paint the shapes. I followed The Crafty Mimic’s post because I couldn’t figure out the shapes (as a soccer ball has both hexagons AND pentagons). She was correct, just use all hexagons. Your painted jar will turn out fine and totally look like a soccer ball.

I made a few adjustments in my steps and didn’t add the personalization. If you are looking for that little something extra, be sure to check out her post.

Soccer Painted Jar instructions:

Step 1

Yes, you do need to clean the glass well. I used the only glass jar I had around, which was not clear. No worries, the paint will cover it just fine.

Step 2

Paint the entire jar white. In a classic case of overthinking, I was trying to paint each shape in its own color vs. just painting the black shape over the white. Learn from me – paint the entire jar white first.

Step 3

Cut a hexagon shape out of cardstock for a template. The size will vary depending on your jar so make sure you place on the jar prior to painting to get an idea of where your first black hexagon should be.

Step 4

I used a paint pen to trace the outside of the shape. If you are really good with a small paintbrush, go for it. I definitely needed the pen. Connect the shapes with a straight line.

Step 5

Fill in the appropriate shape with black paint and let dry well. It may not be perfect and that’s ok. It will look like a soccer-themed vase anyway.

That’s it. I didn’t put a clear coat on. Although you certainly can to add a nice glossy finish. I’ve used my painted jar for years without any chipping.

Add fun pennant (similar to the ones from my soccer field decoration post) or a ribbon to make more fun.

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