40 Gifts for 40th Birthdays


Forty! the big 4-0! Definitely a fun birthday to celebrate big. I was lucky enough to assist my friend’s husband in pulling off his 40 gifts surprise. How difficult could this be? Well….

40 Gifts for 40th Birthdays LittleBlueEgg.com

Getting to 20 gifts was easy, even into the 30’s wasn’t so bad once you Google a little. But it wasn’t until 3 days prior to the party we had all 40 in our hands.

40 Gifts for 40th Birthdays LittleBlueEgg.com

I thought I’d post our list to help out anyone on their gift search. We did have fairly wide price range of ideas (that helps to hit 40) and I tagged each gift with a number for my sanity. I suppose you could get really clever and use the numbers to force opening the gifts in an order. Frankly, I was just happy we hit the magic number.

40 Gifts for 40th Birthdays LittleBlueEgg.com

Good luck to all taking on this 40 Gifts for 40th Birthday task! It was fun and appreciated by the birthday girl. Totally worth the time.

40 Gifts for 40th Birthdays LittleBlueEgg.com

Beauty products

Food/Drink (download labels/tags here: page 1, page 2)

  • Jar of Hershey’s Kisses to ‘Kiss Your 30’s Goodbye!’
  • Oversized cookie to ‘Bite me 40’
  • Mini bottle of champagne ‘Cheers to 40!’
  • Mini bottle of wine ‘There’s nothing to whine about fine, fun, fabulous 40’
  • Oversized lollipop ‘Suck it 40′ or ’40 Sucks’
  • Jar of gumballs ’40 Blows’
  • Pop Rocks ’40 Rocks’
  • 2- $20 Starbucks gift cards ‘Better than two 20 year olds’
  • Birthday Cake Oreos
  • Birthday Cake M&Ms
  • Water bottle

Clothing (thankfully my friend is a huge sports fan – – makes this one easy!)

1970’s themed

Sports team related



40 Gifts for 40th Birthdays LittleBlueEgg.com


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