Watermelon Treats

Inspired from a quick search on Pinterest and a nice visual from Say Yes, I was off to make a gluten-free/dairy-free fun watermelon treat.

You can say we like our watermelon by a few other posts (watermelon margaritas, watermelon bowl) but this might be the best one yet.

Make a basic Rice Krispie treat recipe, add some food coloring, and a few mini chocolate chips. Done. Cute!


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Step 1

Make Rice Krispies according to your favorite recipe, but prior to stirring in the cereal add food coloring. I did 2 batches, but my watermelon treats came out tall. You can certainly do one batch and divide the colors.

Step 2

Fill the small of the cake pans with the red Rice Krispie mixture. Flip over the pan into the larger pan. I added the mini chocolate chips to the top while a little warm. Helped keep them in place.

Step 3

Add the green Rice Krispie mixture around the sides. Pack it tightly. That’s basically it.

Step 4

Be patient until it cools (it is tough, I know) and cut into wedges. I had an easier time with a serrated knife.

Such a cute idea. A Pinterest search will find you people put these on sticks and/or wrapped them up pretty clever.


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