Running Costume: Tangled-Rapunzel

If you are a runner and haven’t tried a RunDisney race, you should.  They aren’t just for the Disney fans out there, it helps but so not necessary.  RunDisney does a great job of choosing courses with lots of entertainment (and really that’s what you need when you are logging all those miles!).  One of the best parts is choosing a running costume.
Tangled Running Costume-Little Blue Egg

My first RunDisney race was the Tinkerbell Half Marathon.  I had read enough to know people dressed up in costume to run, but had absolutely no idea just how much.  So my girlfriend and I had cute little sayings & Tink ears tied down on our camelbacks.  I thought I was clever.  WOW was I ever surprised at the number of Tinkerbell wings that passed us by and runners in full costume.  When I registered for the Disneyland Inaugural 10K this year I decided I’d step it up a notch.

Tink Camelbacks-Little Blue Egg

Camelbacks ready to go!

My Running Costume Requirements

I really felt all must be normal running clothes, no tutu’s or anything sparkly to add to my hips (thank you very much) and no wigs.  I’m blonde so there were only so many choices.  I went with Rapunzel from Tangled.  Perfect, purple is my favorite color so any clothes I needed to buy I would wear for more than the race.  And then I googled some more.  People are VERY creative.

Princess Sleeves for Running Costume

Clearly I needed to spend a little time on this one.  I came across this post from This Momma Makes Stuff.  Brilliant! I set about making a Tangled version.  No collar, so that’s good but I wanted the look of a lace up corset.  While easy, the ribbon on the front took up most of my time.  But it ended up great and importantly, didn’t move or come undone while running.

Tangled Running Costume-Little Blue Egg

All pinned and ready for sewing.  I promise it’s purple, just odd lighting.

Luckily I found ribbon that matched and was pretty wide, so I only needed 3 on each side.  I added some lace to the outside of the elastic since every image I came across of Rapunzel had that detail.  And on the outside, didn’t bother me while running.  I did see some runners that used tulle for their ‘sleeves’.  It looked great, just another option.

Tangled Running Costume-Little Blue Egg

Ribbon sleeves pinned…almost there.

Purple running skirt, some clip-in blonde extensions with flowers and I was good to go.  Got a couple of funny looks when I tested out the top running around my neighborhood before we left – but that’s ok.  Who doesn’t need a little Disney in the morning?

Race Day!

Race morning was your typical panic about whether or not I laid everything out, did I put body glide in ALL the necessary places? etc.  Once I was out of the hotel room and amongst the runners getting to their corrals, all nerves were gone.  This is where I am supposed to be!   It was a very humid race but a great one and I highly suggest as the 10K course was almost completely in the parks.  Hope to see you at a RunDisney event soon!
Tangled Running Costume-Little Blue Egg

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