Suggested Sites: Bakerella

If you love cupcakes for their small in size, big in taste stature, you need to check out Bakerella.  I love this site, not only for the great idea of cake pops but for the step by step pictures.  Her site is well followed and even spurred a book.  Blogger to Author, not bad.

Here’s my first attempt at cake pops.  Hogwart’s house colors on what I hope looks similar to a quidditch field.

Lessons learned:  listen to Bakerella, you don’t need the entire can of frosting and Arizona is warm so work fast.

The cake pop stand is a pre-cut wooden stool top from the hardware store and drilled with holes approx 2″ apart. I’ve already used again after repainting.   Love it.  Nice and sturdy for traveling in the car.  Cake pop stands are all over but Fabulous Fetes has a nice tutorial if you want instructions.


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