Stenciled Doormat In 3 Steps

Oh the clever doormats out there! Love them all but I was sure I could make one vs. buy. Just paint and a stencil, right? A stenciled doormat was indeed not a complicated craft. But I do have a good trick.

LBE Stenciled Doormat
The best tip: Use push pins to hold then entire stencil in place so it doesn’t move. I used to just hold with my hand or with painters tape. What was I thinking? This is so much better! The pins go right into the rubber backing and hold the stencil so well.


There are lots of tutorials out there for stenciled doormats. A quick search on Pinterest will give you all sorts of options. I chose to use alphabet stencils from Heidi Swapp, I had on hand, but vinyl, freezer paper, you name it, many things can be a stencil.

LBE Stenciled Doormat

Step 1: Pin

Pin your stencil down, specifically at the corners and the middle of letters (obviously). The edges come out so clean. Amazing.

LBE Stenciled Doormat Pinned

Step 2: Paint

Just like other stenciling projects, the least amount of paint on your brush and use straight up and down motion to apply the paint. I waited in-between the bigger letters as they were separate stencils but if you have one large stencil this project would be even faster.

LBE Stenciled Doormat

Step 3: Protect Your Stenciled Doormat

I did do the extra step of painting a couple coats of a protector. Living in Arizona, I’m not sure much can protect the stenciled doormat from fading by the sun, but it is worth a try.

LBE Stenciled Doormat Protect

All in all, a fun quick project. Now I wish I was at a pool party, maybe sipping on a watermelon drink, eating a cookie with my decorated flip flops on!

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