Quinoa Black Bean Bowl

Meatless Mondays is such a great idea. However, to be fully honest, I rarely seem to participate as much as I like. But after indulging in wee too much rich food (and drinks) over the weekend, this quinoa black bean bowl is a welcome sight.

Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

From the blog, Spoonful of Sugar, the only change I made was substituting 1 cup of chicken broth for 1 cup of water when making the quinoa.  The rest of the recipe was great, particularly the cilantro crème.  Lime with a bit of heat and all the different textures….plus healthy!  Win-win.

Cilantro Creme

so good Cilanto Crème….wonder what else I can find to put it on?

Try out this yummy Meatless Monday dish.  You never know, maybe it will become a habit!

Quinoa Black Bean Bowl

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