Pretzel Rolls

Have you been to Pinterest yet?  you must go, but beware you can spend a couple hours on the site without even noticing.  Since its Labor Day, I was relaxing and pinning a bit.  Then I came across a recipe for Pretzel Rolls.

We ate a restaurant on vacation for the sole purpose of eating their pre-dinner bread roll basket because they had pretzel rolls.  That’s just how much this family likes pretzels.  I knew, Labor Day or not, I’d be trying to make these rolls today.

Yeast, milk, flour, salt – your basics But look what they produce!

Pretzel rolls

So yummy warm right out if the oven.  I’m a dip my pretzels in mustard kind of gal and these didn’t even need it.  These rolls would be great for a football game snack.  Enjoy!

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