Pantry Organization – Labels

Looking for a New Years Resolution I decided there are parts of my house that need organizing. Life is short and I shove things in drawers and behind doors, to be honest. A little organizing never hurt anyone. That is until every January magazine, post, board or pin I read seemed to have a ‘Organize your entire house in 7 weeks!’ type of headline. ‘Wow,’ I thought. “Maybe I can do this faster than I figured was possible”…that was until I read, clicked and opened.

Don’t know you about you, but no way in the world can I pull everything out of my kitchen cabinets, clean them down, go through it all (toss, recycle and label) and put it all back together in a month, let alone a week. So I made my own little organizational challenge: organize the pantry, just the pantry. And I gave myself the entire month of January to do it.

It is now just 5 days away from the end of the month and guess what? I’m not done with the one organizational goal I set for myself. I have however, taken stock of my pantry and made some decisions, bought some baskets, made some labels and most importantly, have a list of things I need to buy/make to finish. Once done I promise to post a before picture (nice and embarassing) but even with a few baskets and labels, the pantry already looks better.

Organizing the Pantry, Chalkboard Labels

Organizing the Pantry, part 1

New baskets to organize (or hide) like items with cute labels. No need for me to give you a step-by-step of the labels. The A Bowl Full of Lemons blog has a great one already done. Only thing different I did was drill some holes in mine for hanging.

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