Making Tomato Paste

Lots of roma tomatoes? make tomato paste!  Similar to drying basil, its super easy.

Quarter roma tomatoes.  Smash a couple of cloves of garlic with the blunt side of your knife and chop with some fresh thyme.  Mix tomatoes, garlic and thyme with olive oil to coat.   Put on cookie sheet and dry in 250 degree over for 2.5 to 3 hours.

I found the longer in the oven the better, so the paste was a thicker texture.  I rushed to get a batch done before leaving the house once.  It tasted fine, but less thick than my preference.

They come out all wrinkly and make the house smell yummy.  The magazine article I have (before the days of Pinterest) says to douse tomatoes with balsamic vinegar and put though a potato ricer.  Yes on the vinegar, but I didn’t like the ricer.  Maybe user error – but my trusty immersion blender does the trick.

I supposed you could freeze in an ice tray, but I use the small plastic cup containers with lids.  We usually run through it quickly.

I would love to credit someone for this recipe but I got it from a blurb in a magazine that no longer is published about the Kendall-Jackson chefs.  Upon Googling, I found Kendall-Jackson Winery in CA has a Tomato Festival.  Now I bet that would be fun.

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