Latkes – Potato Pancakes

My DVR is full of food shows, not surprising.  Have you seen Brunch @ Bobby’s?  I love this show.  It’s on the Cooking Channel which I’m not sure everyone gets easily.   Look for it, if you can.  Lots of great sweet and savory ideas.  Watching this show is how I got the courage to attempt potato pancakes.

The recipe calls for 1 potato and 1 onion…easy enough.  I figured if I tank at making them at least I didn’t waste a bunch of food.  Biggest tip I noticed…the pancakes can be pretty thin and on the small side (3-4 inch in diameter).  This will make them easier to flip and a faster cooking time.

Of course Bobby uses them as a topping server.  Think apple sauce or lox.  But me, I’m good with just a bit of sour cream.

I did manage to save some and they nicely crisped up in the oven at a low temp for not very long.  Bobby got it right.  I would definitely try these for a brunch.  You could make a batch and just have them warming in the oven ready for everyone.

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