Quick Foaming Soap Recipe

Throw together a couple of ingredients and you have your own foaming soap. Quick, easy and you control the scents!

LBE Foaming Soap

Foaming Soap Supplies

This recipe makes enough for 2 dispensers which works out great as the ones I bought are sold as a pair.

LBE Foaming Soap ingredients

Foaming Soap Instructions + Hints

Intructions: mix soap and water, pour into dispensers (that’s it!)

Now for the hints:

  • Feel free to use your favorite essential oil OR just buy the castile soap with essential oil already in it.
  • Buy a small bottle of soap first. A little goes a long way. I wish I would’ve bought the sample pack to try all the scents.
  • The coconut or jojoba oil is optional, but I feel like it gives the right amount of moisture vs. drying my hands. I do live in Arizona, so coconut oil is fine. If you live somewhere cold, jojoba oil might be best so the coconut oil doesn’t solidify and block your dispenser.
  • While I love these dispensers from Amazon, I recycled old foaming soap dispensers for a while until I liked the recipe enough to buy new dispensers.

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