Filled Cupcakes

My go-to cupcake is a filled one. Such good memories of having them in my lunchbox. (Thanks Mom!)  However, I think there are a couple of different ways to fill a cupcake.  You certainly don’t need a pastry tip and bag to do it.  Here’s a quick step by step using the cupcake from my back up plan post.

I cut a hole with knife about 1 to 1.5 inches around the top. Then cut off most of the topper, so it is just a thin covering for your filling.  I’ve got a cupcake cookbook that says to use a melon baller, but I’m not sure I’m talented enough to use and still have a nice clean cake topper to put back on.  And of course, there is a pastry bag tip you can use for filling.

While I do like the plastic pastry bags, sometimes you just run  out.  Plastic sandwich bags with the tip cut off work just as well.  My favorite tip is to fill the bag while its in a glass.  It will fill neater.  Less mess is always nice.

Try to not overfill.  It will still be ok, as you will cover with frosting but the ratio of filling to cake is one to consider as well.

Bake sale here we come!

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