DIY Hand Lettered Travel Cups

So many travel cups out there. And all the great sayings, quotes and the hand-lettering! LOVE it all. I was so excited when I tried to recreate and it was EASY. Almost too easy.

Travel Cup - LittleBlueEgg

Really, only two things, disposable cups and markers. How can it be? I know!

Travel Cup - LittleBlueEgg

Custom Travel Cups Supplies

Travel Cups - LittleBlueEgg

  • Disposable travel cups: I found mine at Wal-mart but here is another example.
  • Markers: I did use fine tip and I had no bleeding thru the paper cups but you could always double cup if you were concerned.

Travel Cup - LittleBlueEgg

Now I know the hand-lettering looks difficult. But practice does indeed make it better.  I follow HandLetteredDesign on social media after taking a class at the Arizona Pinners Conference.  I like the practice sheets and her video tutorials but just do a search and you’ll be able to find lots of examples.

Travel Cups - LittleBlueEggTravel Cups - LittleBlueEgg

I paired a handful of cups with some mini alcohol bottles (that might be a good mix with coffee) for a cute Welcome to Arizona gift for some family coming for Spring Break.

Travel Cups - LittleBlueEgg

Please tag LittleBlueEgg on any cups you post.  I’d love to see what others come up with.

TravelCup - LittleBlueEgg

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