Dog Muffins

In honor of our puppy’s first birthday, thought I’d put up a picture of pumpkin dog muffins I made from a recipe in the Bubba Rose Biscuit Company’s cookbook. I see they have a new revised edition of their cookbook. Hmmm, maybe the dogs need a gift!Dog muffins- LittleBlueEgg

We’ve got 2 dogs and one is not a fan of sweet potatoes, so we are forever looking at treat ingredients. Decided one day to just buy a dog cookbook. I like these muffins because all you do is mix, scoop into a mini muffin tin and bake. Plus dogs don’t care if they are under or over cooked. Perfect.  Freeze well too.  Give them a try.

Baby Gracie

Awe, puppy Gracie.  That sweet face makes me almost forget the countless shoes and rugs that have been destroyed in the past 12 months.  Almost.  Good thing she is a cuddler and cute.  Follow the Bubba Rose blog for recipes.  Here’s one for Autumn Apple Crisps!

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