Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

Ever seen sugar skulls and wondered if you make one?  You CAN!  It does take patience and a little practice but I promise you the results are so great.

Sugar Skulls Decorated

I love the idea of the Day of the Dead, a celebration of those that have past with colorful decorations and these amazing sugar skulls.  And then I saw the article in Food Network Magazine on Chef Marcella Valladolid’s Day of the Dead party.  All the bright colors!… and then I spied the sugar skulls.  That’s it, I’m going to make them this year.

Sugar Skulls Supplies

One sugar skull mold later and I was in business.  I used this recipe as it found it the most reliable.  Ideally you are looking for a slightly wet sand texture of your sugar mixture.  If you can squeeze some in your hand and it stays together, you are good to go.

Helpful Hints

  • If you have no patience like me, just use the bake method (200° for 30 mins) vs. waiting for the molded sugar skulls to air dry.  You’ll be plenty mad when you just can’t wait anymore and touch one and it disinergrates in front of you.  Trust me.
  • Pack your molds a little at a time and really make sure you get the corners of the eye sockets and teeth/mouth completely.  You’ll be happier later when it is time to decorate.

Sugar Skulls Mold

  • Leave time for the baked sugar skulls to cure.  I did mine the weekend prior to decorating and they were very solid.

Sugar Skulls Halves

  • Your scooped out section, to fill with icing to ‘glue’ the halves together, doesn’t need to be perfect.  It will ‘glue’ just fine.  I promise.

Sugar Skulls Icing Glue

  • Use dishes filled with beans, popcorn kernels, etc. to keep the sugar skulls level after you’ve combined with icing.  Perfect for giving them enough time to set and, I found, an easy way to transport.

Sugar Skulls Transport

  • I’m lucky enough to have a friend that makes the best royal icing.  Perfect consistency, great colors, etc.  I, however, do not make as well.  Definitely not in my wheelhouse.  Just buy the premade tubes BUT be sure to use the proper tips.  You will need a small opening tip for the best looking decorations.

I love how they turned out as much as I love the idea of this holiday.  Celebrate your loved ones that have past and make a Day of the Dead altar with some great sugar skulls.

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

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