Comic-Con: Blogger Thank You

A big part of building our nest is taking vacations. Big or small they allow us to step away from school/work and try to unplug from our phones even if it is for a couple of days. So I’ve decided to start blogging more on our getaways.

We were lucky enough to make it through the ticket lottery for the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) this year.  We were not big winners in the hotel and parking lot lotteries, however. But let’s focus on the positive.

SDCC Convention Center

As a first timer to any comic-con (and San Diego’s is considered the best and biggest) I started following a lot of people on social media a couple of months prior. Thank goodness for the following bloggers:

Crazy 4 Comic Con
Parks and Cons
SDCC Unofficial Blog
Outside Comic-Con

Each gave great tips (closed toe shoes are a must, check your manners, etc.) and often repeated the same important reminders (bring a water bottle, use deodorant…no joke).

I absolutely had my expectations properly set by these bloggers.  Which we all know makes a big difference in your ultimate enjoyment level.

If you think all lines will be 90+ minutes for a panel but only spend 50-ish, like we did, you feel fantastic vs. someone that expected to walk into a panel 10 minutes prior and missed it.

I recommend using Twitter primarily, as Instagram and Facebook didn’t seem to be used as often.  There were also apps for NerdHQ and SDCC but Twitter definitely was the quickest/easiest for the weekend.

SDCC uses a lottery system for the opportunity to buy badges (tickets).  The kicker is, you must be registered to have a member ID for when the lottery is opened.  I know we are already looking forward to next year.  Be sure to register and come enjoy the craziness!


Look for upcoming blog posts on things we learned in San Diego, our version of cosplay and our personalized poster tube.

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