Limoncello is a great thing, but in this house…we like orangecello.  Tastes great, super easy to make and great as a gift.

Orangecello: Orange peels steeping away

I started with a Giada De Laurentiis recipe but tweaked a little.  I steeped the orange peels longer in the vodka (a week vs. 4 days) and let the orange peels, vodka and simple syrup combine for longer (2 days vs. overnight).  I was going for the most colorful liquid I could get.

Orangecello: Look at all that yummy orange vodka!

Hints/things I learned:

  • Navel oranges really are the best.  I tried another variety and the orange wasn’t as strong.
  • A good peeler makes a world of difference.  I used one with a low profile, so the pith wasn’t an issue.
  • I don’t think the price point of vodka is important.  I used a mid-level Polish vodka.
  • If you like the flavor profile of chocolate and orange, a couple of tablespoons into the creme of a tiramisu recipe is beyond yummy!

Serve very cold and remind people to sip so they get the full orange taste.  Enjoy!

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