Felt Fortune Cookies

Sometimes I love the candy holidays, but sometimes a good non-candy gift wins out.  A quick Valentines Day gift of felt fortune cookies, not only fits the non-candy idea but is also such a sweet way to let someone one you are thinking of them.

Felt Fortune Cookies-LittleBlueEgg

There are plenty of felt fortune cookie how-to’s out there.  Some use wire, pipe cleaner or even stitches.  I just used my trusty glue gun and I think they turned out fine,  one less craft supply to buy!

Felt Fortune Cookies Supplies:

  • Bowl or cup to trace for a circle.  Anywhere from 2″ to 4″ is probably the closest to a real fortune cookie, but who wouldn’t like a bigger one?
  • Black marker
  • Multiple colors of felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun + glue sticks
  • Strips of paper, slightly larger than the diameter of your circle.
  • Optional:  Chinese take-out boxFelt Fortune Cookies-LittleBlueEgg

Felt Fortune Cookies Instructions:

  1. Trace circles on the felt with the black marker.  Cut out circles from the felt while glue gun is warming up.
  2. Fold a circle in half and place a small amount of glue on the curved edge inside of the circle.
  3. Insert a strip of paper with a sweet Valentines saying or ‘best wishes’/’congratulations’ inside the circle.  Lots of possibilities.  Would be cute for a Smart Cookie display for school graduations, for example.Felt Fortune Cookie-LittleBlueEgg
  4. Pinch together the sides of the half circle and glue in place.Felt Fortune Cookie-LittleBlueEgg
  5. Continue until your box is full.Felt Fortune Cookies-LittleBlueEgg

A sweet non-candy idea to give to someone special.  May you make many cookies and not burn your fingers on the hot glue.


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