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DIY Hand Lettered Travel Cups

So many travel cups out there. And all the great sayings, quotes and the hand-lettering! LOVE it all. I was so excited when I tried to recreate and it was EASY. Almost too easy. Really, only two things, disposable cups and markers. How can it be? I know! Custom Travel Cups Supplies Disposable travel cups:

Toddler Activity Kit

I am long past having a toddler in my house, but some of those memories do not fade.  The need to keep those little hands busy, even for 3 minutes is worth any effort.  I put together this toddler activity kit as a 2nd birthday gift for my very busy nephew.  To my surprise it was

DIY Script Sun Hat

Having seen the super cute script sun hats all over social media, I needed one. That is, until I saw the price tag. SO, off to figure out how to DIY I went. Actually the script isn’t that difficult, just a wee bit time consuming. A bunch of us decided to DIY our own script