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Graduation Money Cake

I love a good crafty way to give money. Last year I made a Money Topiary but this year I took on a Money Cake. Similar to the Money Topiary,  you can start early and just add the $ as you have it available.  It was a little easier to count the bills needed this

Graduation Money Topiary

I don’t generally like to give money.  But sometimes, it is indeed the best gift to give, especially for a high school graduate leaving the nest for an out-of-state university.  After some searching for a crafty way to give, I decided on a money topiary.  Love, love, love how it turned out! The best thing about this

Toddler Activity Kit

I am long past having a toddler in my house, but some of those memories do not fade.  The need to keep those little hands busy, even for 3 minutes is worth any effort.  I put together this toddler activity kit as a 2nd birthday gift for my very busy nephew.  To my surprise it was