50th Birthday Gifts by Decade

Anyone you know born in the 70’s turning the big 5-0? This is one of those big birthdays. 50th birthday gifts seem like big pressure. Thought I’d share what I did for my husband because it did indeed take some effort, maybe save someone some time.

I started with a big decoration, balloon numbers. Wow, big, fun and A LOT of balloons.

LBE Balloon Numbers

I went with one gift themed towards what he was doing in that specific decade and one pop culture reference for each decade (70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s) and then some gift cards for future use (Covid birthday and all) for the 20s.

Now my husband is a gamer and has always been but I can see how you could use a similar idea with someone who loves sports.

50th Birthday Gifts by Decade:

2000’s gift

Each group of gifts was a hit and started all sorts of conversations. Be sure to start early when shopping.

Favorite wrapping paper is stone wrap. It is crazy durable. I couldn’t find the exact ones I used but here are some options from Paper Source.

I also forgot what a pain some toys are to wrap with their odd shapes. For the 80s Atari controller, I gave up and made a bag. MADE a bag. YouTube to the rescue. Just search ‘make bag out of wrapping paper‘. I think strength of the stone wrap probably helped out a bit.

Good luck with your shopping! I’m sure your 50th birthday person will love all the thought and energy put into their gifts.

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