Quinoa Black Bean Bowl

Meatless Mondays is such a great idea. However, to be fully honest, I rarely seem to participate as much as I like. But after indulging in wee too much rich food (and drinks) over the weekend, this quinoa black bean bowl is a welcome sight. From the blog, Spoonful of Sugar, the only change I

Game Day Food

Typical conversation with my husband. ‘There’s a <insert sport> game coming up. What should we make to eat?’ ¬†Isn’t that everyone’s first question? Game day food is important. ¬†Especially when not everyone is a fan of sports. Good thing we watch big games with our friends. We are forever trying something new for game day

Pizza Dip

Need a great dip for the upcoming game? Here’s an easy pizza dip I’ve tried. You could do any of your favorite pizza toppings. Just think a pizza dip buffet….hmmm. Now there’s an idea! The recipe can be found on Closet Cooking’s blog. I didn’t change it at all and it was easy. I can